DPF cleaning

/DPF cleaning

Eastwood Service Station can revitalise your diesel particulate filter (DPF) with our unique TerraClean cleaning tool.

Modern diesel vehicles are now fitted with a DPF as standard as part of European rules that came into force several years ago.

When driving, soot settles on the cell walls of the filter and starts to clog the pores of the DPF unit. This layer of soot can be burnt off during the regeneration process of driving at constant speed for a prolonged period of time such as motorway driving. During short journeys or city driving, diesel cars do not reach the required exhaust temperature to allow regeneration to take place.

Eastwood Service Station has invested a considerable amount in a specially designed DPF cleaner that cleans and restores DPFs without removal.

With the process completed in one day, motorists can save a significant amount of time and money as the tool is unlike other DPF cleaning companies that take the vehicle off the road for more than two days.

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