With more than 30 years’ experience servicing cars, our family-run business is well equipped to get your car back to its best and back on the road.

It is important that modern vehicles continue to be serviced on a regular basis to maximise road safety.

Our vehicle inspection includes the changing of all filters, plugs, engine oil and the removal and inspection of all joints, discs, pads, coil springs, brake pipes, hoses and exhaust system, as well as checking tyres and fluids.

We’re specialists at servicing vehicles and ensuring they are in the best possible shape – the clue is in our name: Eastwood Service Station, it’s what we do.

At Eastwood, it’s all about the timing and as we recognise the importance of your timing belt to your engine, we only fit high quality parts, getting your engine back in business in no time. Timing belts are prone to wear and therefore they inevitably do not live forever. However, replacement can be costly and it is important that motorists find a garage that they can trust to ensure cost-effective quality and competence. Our staff are fully trained to work on the engine of your car so you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands with us. If a timing belt is left to deteriorate, it can lead to significant problems within the engine, and perhaps more worryingly, significant costs. Often the extra peace of mind that timing belt replacement brings is more than worth the additional cost of a severely damaged engine.

We are also experts at fitting high quality clutches for all vehicle makes and models, with most issues resolved within the day. We have invested in the very best specialist diagnostic tools on the market, including equipment from the ‘Snap-On’ brand to ensure any issues are discovered and resolved as quickly as possible.